Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching up...

On the Brooklyn Bridge -- taken by The Beau

Well it looks like January is going to be a slow month for the blogging. I didn't intend for it to be this way....There are so many topics that I *think* about writing is just difficult these days to get them from my head to the screen. Busyness? Laziness? Yup and yup.

So I have some time today here at the Day Job to reflect on the last week or so...

First of all, the Caffe Vivaldi gig was a big success! We managed to pack the place out, AND, according to management, secure more shows for ourselves in the future! Yay! Jodie and I filled up the hour and a half by alternating songs, songwriter-in-the-round style, which seemed to go over really well. And I was happy that my voice held up and no coughing attacks ensued.

And then the weekend: it was full and lovely. The beau came for a visit and we frolicked about the streets of New York, catching a late showing of Atonement -- an excellent film -- discovering new restaurants and wine bars, including these two adorable places that have become new favorites, and --my favorite moment-- strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk, something I have never done before...! After making the trek to the other side, we found ourselves in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, two neighborhoods that are easy to fall in love with...and we did. So quaint and quiet and artistic, with AMAZING views of the city (which were captured beautifully by my talented, photo-savvy beau -- see above)

This week has been quiet, which I have needed. I've stayed in most evenings watching American Idol (is it just me or are the people auditioning even creepier this year?) and working on a painting/collage piece on canvas which I will be giving to my roomie tonight as a b-day gift (pics of that piece soon to be posted).

That's all for now. Whew -- I am blogged out.

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