Monday, May 24, 2010

Some News...

a magical, nooky street*

So. I have some mighty big news to that I've been putting off sharing on here because we wanted to make for sure for sure it was all really happening...and also because it's hard for me to grasp & fathom & say out loud sometimes! goes: we are moving to Boston!

My incredibly amazing husband & his very big brains have gotten accepted to a Harvard grad program* that starts July 21, 2010. So...what that means in a nutshell: we are leaving our beloved New York in just 34 short days and embarking on a whole new Big City adventure.

There are, as you can imagine, lots of emotions flying around these parts lately. Lots of excitement, some tears, some fear. But mostly we just feel a lot peace and readiness. I haven't talked much about it here, but over the last several months we have both been feeling a bit antsy and ready for a change. I've been in New York almost 5 years now, and though I love it with all my heart, even I was sensing it was maybe time for a change. We were both very open and actively seeking various opportunities and ideas, some in New York, some outside of New York. In the end, this is the door that opened for us, and so we are walking through it, ready for a new city and a new life adventure together.

So far things are falling into place quite nicely. We were up there last weekend looking for a place to live, and successfully settled on an adorable 2 bedroom apartment in Cambridge that we call the Friends apartment (b/c the brightly painted walls & super-cute, cheery kitchen reminds us of Monica's amazing apartment :). It is located on a sweet, tree-lined street just minutes from Harvard Square, a part of Cambridge we immediately fell in love with.

It may not be New York, but Cambridge/Boston just drips with charm and magic (2 of my favorite things) and my hope is that I will fall in love with my new city the way I fell in love with New York. I do plan to keep up with this blog, so perhaps you'll join me on this new adventure and we can all fall in love together?! What do you say? (please say yes -- I will need some friends & support along the way :)

There are lots of things to do and see in the next 34 days, and I plan to live my NY life to the fullest right up to the end! So tune back in for lots of photos and updates.


*surprise -- that picture up there is BOSTON, not New York!! hehe...see how charming it is? I think we will all have a perfectly lovely time exploring Boston together :)

**a random side-note: the program Dan is doing is the same one that Ashley Judd is currently enrolled in. Kind of fun, right? Maybe she'll be my friend :)


Candice said...

Congratulations! How exciting for y'all! If I wasn't living in NYC, Boston would be a second choice. One of my friends moved up there last August and he is loving it! I will miss the NYC pics though, but I would love to see pics of Boston!

Anna said...

Yay! Beautiful piece my friend. New chapters in life all around! :) I look forward to exploring Boston through your eyes...and hopefully then with you in person!

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