Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bicycle Love.

bicycles in central park

Riding a bicycle around Central Park has long been on my NYC wish list, but I don't own a bike, and I couldn't honestly remember the last time I was on a bike. Then the weather was just so darn perfect on Saturday (warmish, but no humidity) so we said -- "HEY, let's make it happen!" So we did. :)

safety first (sometimes we fake fight - it's fun)

Dan has his own bike, so we went and rented one for me down on 57th Street, strapped on those purdy helmets, then took off for a long & leisurely ride around the park. It was surprisingly quick to do the loop, so then we headed off towards the Hudson River and rode the greenway all the way down to Chelsea.

hudson river

There were lots of fun things to see & do along the way. Like river-gazing, corn-on-the-cob eating at Pier 1 Cafe, and park-exploring (like this new little one we discovered, pictured below).

In total we biked for about three hours and I only almost died ONCE by a crazy New York driver. Not bad!

Isn't it amazing how a bike ride can so quickly take you back to childhood? The wind in your hair, the speed, the feeling like you can go anywhere and be anyone...I love that. I loved it when I was a kid, racing through my neighborhood on my purple, banana-seated, plastic-tassled, awesomely radical bicycle. And I loved it just as much on Saturday. Maybe I will have to get myself another awesomely radical bike once we are in Boston. Oh yeah.

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