Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wonderful Tonight

This lovely book has been my traveling companion over the last several weeks, and I have to say, I've grown quite fond of her. We've ridden the rails of the Mighty Amtrak together, traveling to and from D.C. to see my family and beau...we've endured the stinky buses of New York together...and of course there were many journeys between the 86th Street Station and Grand Central as we commuted to work each day via the 4/5 train.

Tonight she was with me on a delayed/dysfunctional 6 train that carried me from Spring Street (after a lovely dinner with a dear friend) back to the Upper East Side. I was so lost in the world of Pattie Boyd, hanging onto every emotionally-charged word, that I didn't even realize or care that we were stopped at the 51st Street station for 10 minutes for no good reason (something that would normally irritate the pants off me). All that bothered me was the fact that I was getting closer and closer to the end, and not quite ready to say goodbye.

I don't know about you, but I tend to become quite immersed in whatever novel I am much so that I have to be very careful about what I choose to read. I take on stories/characters/emotions so easily that I have to make sure I don't read anything too dark or disturbing. My journey with Pattie Boyd (who was the inspiration behind two of my all time favorite songs: Something and Wonderful Tonight) has been an enriching and eye-opening experience, full of poignant and emotionally raw moments. Since I am such a HUGE Beatles fan and, therefore, a lover of all things Beatles-related, I had read several articles and snippets on the former Mrs. Harrison/Mrs. Clapton, but never realized all the trauma and darkness she endured. She has QUITE the story, and I would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in autobiographies to take a chance on this hefty hardback. I have a new-found respect for Ms. Boyd, and am deeply moved by her honesty and all that she has been through. She is now on my list of Brave & Interesting Women That I Would Like To Meet One Day (also on that list: Julia Cameron, Boho Girl and Queen Elizabeth II -- you know, because she's the Queen and all...).

So now...I leave you with this -- a little glimpse into the life of Ms. Pattie Boyd:

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