Tuesday, April 8, 2008

it's the little things...

...like this yummy book that i LOVE. makes me want to travel and explore and live life to the fullest in my own God-given artist's skin.

...and the anticipation of breakfast-for-dinner tonight (yesss) with my roommate in front of the TV (which will be turned to Fox promptly at 8 for another entertaining evening with Simon, Randy and Paula).

...a spontaneously decided, real-deal New York kinda night tomorrow night with my girls -- a Knicks game and greasy b-ball food.

...warmer, sunnier weather that seems to be getting better every day.

...which leads to the anticipation of more moments like this.

...and, finally, a new episode (YESSSS!) of The Office on Thursday night. can't wait for those new, fresh moments of extreme awkwardness and crazy shenanigans.

yep. life is good.

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