Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is a wonderful thing to come back from vacation to a place that you actually love to call home. I was struck by this thought as my cabbie and I zoomed up 3rd avenue late Tuesday night after returning from my whirlwind, way-too-short Mexico getaway. I smiled into the wind as we flew past the familiar storefronts and restaurants that make up the Upper East Side, not at all feeling the normal pangs of vacation's end. Do I miss soaking up the hot Mexican sun, swimming like a fish and drinking fruity rum punch by the pool? Of course!! But the cab ride home that night -- seeing my city and all the sites...*sigh* just felt good. I remember how I used to cry every time my plane touched down at Detroit Metro airport, taking me "home" to a place that felt so foreign and this comfort and peace and sense of Home that sweeps over me when I return to New York....well, it feels quite nice and I welcome it :)

With that said, however, it does hurt my heart ever so slightly to remember that just a few days ago I was swimming up to the bar (yes, a swim-up bar!) to order a cold corona that I lazily slurped next to my beau as we floated in the pool, staring out at the sea...and now, contrastingly, here I sit at a cold beige desk under the harsh, fluorescent glow of my office lights. ah well. For now, I will have to rely on the many beautiful and magical memories stored up in my brain to keep me going until the NEXT vacation (Santa Fe, July 4th weekend!!) and focus on all the fun summer-in-the-city events that are beginning to emerge right about now.

I will be posting some Mexico pics soon -- as soon as I can get iphoto working again (encountered some technical difficulties last night) be on the look-out.

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