Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Central Park love

i've been catching up on my blog reading this afternoon, which is always a fun way to spend an afternoon (especially when bored to tears at the Day Job). i find this blogger especially delightful, and loved this post about Central Park. Central Park is hands-down, my absolute favorite place in the city and i totally concur with every word in her post.

last summer (or was it two summers ago?? yikes, time flies) i would take walks through the park by myself most Saturdays. it was my way of detangling myself from the constant go-go-go of the city and entering into some much needed alone-time/introspection. i could enter the park in the foulest, most frazzled of moods, but within 5 minutes of walking those winding pathways under a canopy of lush green, all stress and angst dissolved and i was in heaven. there was one spot in particular that drew me like a magnet every time -- down a path, over some rocks, through some trees and bushes, and voila -- a little nook right down by the water. my own private sanctuary. i was always amazed at how quiet it was in the nook. all sounds of the city were completely absorbed by silence...and there i was, sitting in the middle of the busiest, buzziest city in the world, enveloped in complete quiet.

i haven't done one of these walks in a long time. too many weekends away, too tired, too busy, etc. etc. there are always excuses. but reading this post today reminded me of the joy i used to find in taking time out to do this...and the NEED my New York-busy-bones have for GREEN and peace and quiet. so i think i need to *make* the time to do it, b/c it is more than just a walk in the park. it is Refreshment. Renewal. Peace.

my nook is calling me.

central park love

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