Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'Firefly Lane,' Friendship, etc.

I interrupt my crazy, exhausting, blurry-whirl of a life (thanks to endless rehearsals -- another post for another day) to bring you this very important message about books (mmm, books). Well, A book, that is. This book:

There is not much to say...just read it :) (Okay, if you're a dude, you *may* not like it, so ladies, this post's for you). This book has honestly been my sanity-saver lately -- my "happy place" in the midst of chaos. I find myself constantly reaching for it, hungry for more pages, as I dash about the city from one thing to the next (which usually means reading standing up...on a moving train...with 25 of my fellow New Yorkers pressed up against me).

It's nothing super-fancy (literarialy speaking), just a simple and beautiful story about two friends who share the ups and downs of life for more than thirty years. It starts out in the summer of '74 and goes on from there. It made me miss my friends, especially those friends I've had for 25+ years (hi, Nancy :) and reminded me of the days of BFF necklaces, roller skating and games of freeze tag on warm summer nights. It also made me realize how incredibly lucky I've been when it comes to friendships. God has blessed me with so many amazing women and friendships over the years. I saw all of you in the pages of this book.

So, yeah -- go pick up Firefly Lane, curl up in your favorite chair, then call an old friend. That's all.

{Oh yeah, and also: FOUR MONTHS, PEOPLE! FOUR months 'til the BIG DAY! AHHHH! Thank God I will have my girls surrounding me on the most important day of my life :) Just like we promised each other in 7th grade, Nancy...remember? :)}

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT book! I should check it out...

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