Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedding Thoughts - Part 5 {the reception}

While our guests were cocktail-houring up on the terrace (photos can be seen here), Dan and I stole away for a private photo shoot. It was nice to have some alone time to enjoy our first few minutes of married life together. Some of my favorite shots from that:

We had a few more moments alone together as we waited up on the terrace to be announced. The setting was absolutely breathtaking and I just remember trying to soak it all in, feeling so alive and at peace, as the sounds of our friends and families' laughter filled the air. It was a nice moment.

Finally, it was time for the reception to begin (yay!). We were announced into the tent, which looked spectacular & so magical, had our first dance to Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, then settled in for the toasts. My dad delivered an absolutely hilarious and touching toast, followed by a few sweet words from my step-dad, George, then toasts from the best man and matron of honor (two people who know how to do funny).

Dinner was a whirlwind of attempting to eat the tasty food while also connecting to and laughing with our dear guests who stopped by our table for a visit (and I loved soaking up all of their lovely comments about the ceremony which, I had to agree, was the best ceremony ever :)

The weather continued to be crisp and Fall-like, and as the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains while we dined, the setting was transformed from beautiful to catch-your-breath gorgeous. (Even these beautiful pictures don't convey how magical it really was).

After dinner we unveiled our big surprise of the evening -- the band!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total Beatles nut, and while, admittedly, we initially wondered whether a Beatles tribute band might be a tad over the top for a wedding, we decided to go for it anyway, and were SO GLAD we did! We managed to keep this element hidden from most of our guests and their reactions at the "unveiling" were priceless. The band was unbelievable and we all spent the rest of the night singing our hearts out and dancing up a storm. I've never had so much fun in all my life. I was in heaven! [Live Beatles' music + wedding love + dancing w/ all your favorite people = UTTER, inexplicable JOY].

I could have used another hour or two of music and dancing and laughing with Dan and our guests, but, alas, eventually it was time for the party to end. After all of our goodbyes we made our way down the path towards the getaway car through a sea of sparklers. Magic.

When we reached end of the driveway, I looked back at all the twinkly lights of the sparklers behind us and felt this incredible swell of emotions. It just looked so beautiful, everything all lit up, and I could just feel the outpouring of love coming from everyone, all of these people who meant so much to us. It was one of those electrifying moments in life when you realize that THIS, this is what it's all about. Moments like this. Sigh. It was truly the most amazing day of my life.

{action shot: driving away w/ the wind in our hair. and onto the next adventure -- Hawaii!!}

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Anna said...

Thanks for sharing your reflections! :) Enjoyed seeing the additional pictures, esp of your private photo shoot. Good times, great friends :)

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