Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Swell Season.

Radio City Music Hall stage

It figures that the one day I have an unexpected & lovely end to my evening at one of the most historical & beautiful theaters in the city, I don't happen to have my camera with me. Dangit. I had to make due with the crappy camera on my phone to capture the scenes over at Radio City Music Hall tonight where the unbelievable band, The Swell Season, sang their hearts out & gave one of the best shows I have ever seen. Ever.

I didn't even know they were playing until this morning (thank you, Facebook) and Dan and I managed to score two tickets on StubHub late in the day. It was meant to be I think...I really needed this tonight.

There is something about their music. It truly is magical. I don't think I have ever had a reaction to a voice like I do to Glen Hansard's -- it literally brings tears to my eyes. It is so infused with emotion. So raw and vulnerable. Difficult to explain, you just have to hear it.

And I was trying to explain to Dan afterwards, too -- he has a certain quality that reminds me SO MUCH of my brother. I think it is his physical appearance and mannerisms, somewhat, but also something else that I can't quite put my finger on. When the crowd rose to their feet after he had finished a solo acoustic version of a Van Morrison cover that was so unbelievable there are no words to describe it, he stepped back into the middle of the empty stage with his hands held out (his bandmates let him have a few shining moments to himself for several songs) and just soaked in the moment, looking like he might burst into tears at the sheer magnitude of the moment -- getting a standing an ovation at Radio City Music Hall (in the middle of a set no less!). As he did, my heart swelled with pride, as if he really *were* my brother! And instead of the pangs of jealousy or the "man, when will it be my turn?" thoughts that sometimes sneak in when I see really good, live music, I seriously felt so incredibly happy and emotional for him, for them, and their huge shining moment at Radio City Music Hall. Sigh. It was amazing.

There is so much more I could say, but it is late & I think a lot of it would sound just like this (my post from the last time I saw them at Radio City in 2008). All I will say is it was truly an amazing night that has left me feeling so happy, at peace, and kinda missing my brother!

My little camera phone just did not do the night justice, which is a shame because we had *really* good seats. But this is the best I could do, my friends:

the swell season

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