Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking Out.

snow & cabs on Columbus

After many many hours of researching various flight options and hours and hours on the phone with agents at Southwest, we're busting out of this joint.....!!! We managed to get two seats on a plane leaving Pittsburgh tomorrow (Friday) which means, yes, we are driving to Pittsburgh from NYC (crazy) and yes we will be in Santa Fe by tomorrow night! That is how dedicated we are to getting there STAT! We spoke with my dad and brother earlier tonight (they arrived safe and sound this evening from Chicago) and I have to say it pained my heart a little to not be there, too. So, though it might be a pain in the rear to drive so far to catch a plane (not like this whole experience hasn't been already), it is well worth it to be able to sit fire-side in beautiful New Mexico with my fam tomorrow night :)

This means I will be taking a brief hiatus from blogging and NYC picture posting for a short a time. There might be a random hello or update on life & such from Santa Fe, but if not, I will see you back here next week!

Stay warm.

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