Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's snowtime (for real this time!)

sunset over Empire

A big storm is headed our way. BIG. In fact, some flakes are falling right now as I type this (which is already more than Friday's false alarm).

As much as I LOVE snow (and I really do), I feel torn. Normally a 10+ inch prediction would have me excitedly setting my boots & mittens by the door in preparation for a day of frolicking in the park, BUT I am also mildly panicked because we are scheduled to leave for Santa Fe on Thursday (with a layover in Baltimore which is getting another fresh dumping of snow on top of the 30+ inches already ON the ground! Eek).

So. Here's hoping we get enough snow to shut down the city *only* tomorrow (enough to close my office, at least :) but clears out in time for vacation-time! (and please oh please, without repeating last year's horrendous traveling experience. please?).

1 comment:

Candice said...

That picture is AMAZING!!! And stay warm and bundle up. It has ever been snowing in Memphis here lately..which NEVER happens!!!

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