Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blue Skies.

blue skies and almost 60 degree weather = lots of happy, smiling new yorkers

the sun was shining and i didn't need my rain parka (not that i own a rain parka) or my galoshes (don't have those either -- perhaps i need to go shopping), so it was a good, good day*. and it's supposed to continue all week!! hooray! (why am i talking about the weather so much, lately? life's been slow, i guess. but in my defense, city-livin' *does* make you much more weather-aware. when you're out there, in it, day in & day out, with no car to rush to for shelter, it's hard not to get a little obsessed).

*a good day except for the fact that this is Day No. 2 of being husband-less (dang business trip) and there are still THREE MORE DAYS TO GO!! boo. BOO.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Yay for blue skies again! Maybe you should get galoshes though. I finally got some right before I left, and have used them more here than there, but they're pretty fun :) Hope you find something fun to do while you're solo. Maybe we can chat Thurs night. I'm going to a Broadway show tonight!

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