Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Another Tuesday.

lone umbrella at the Lincoln Center fountain

It was another rainy, cold, gross, windy, messy mess of a day. Blah. No need to repeat myself, just go here or here and you'll get the picture.

There were two surprise gifts, however, that made the day a little brighter. 1) I got to leave work early, thanks to the bosses and 2) I got two free tickets to the Opera! (again, thanks to one of my bosses who wasn't able to use his row 3 orchestra seats to Hamlet. amazing).

It was totally worth trudging through the rain to see and experience the beauty of the Metropolitan Opera House. And Hamlet? Definitely the best opera I've ever seen.

So what started out as a very gray & wet New York day turned into a very lovely and magical evening. Thanks, bosses.

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laurie said...

ooh fun!! yes, SOOOO worth trudging through the grossness to see an opera. I was fortunate enough to use those tickets once, and then i accompanied Anna once as well...one of the FAB perks of the job! Glad you got to enjoy those seats. :)

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