Monday, June 28, 2010

We're here! And have internet!

Charles River ~ taken during our last visit to Boston

Just a quick post to let you know we have arrived safe and sound in Cambridge. far, so good! No major meltdowns, no intense bouts of homesickness, just working hard to get the apartment organized and ready. This is actually one of our first breaks since getting here -- we've been unpackin' fools! But now we are relaxing a bit, sitting in our newly put-together living room (which looks awesome, thanks to Dan) sipping wine and watching The Bachelorette (he is filling in for my NY friends who used to stop by & watch with me. sigh...).

There have been some emotional moments, for sure, especially pulling away from our apartment on Saturday morning. That was hard. But overall, this transition has been easier than I thought it would be (so far, that is -- I do realize it's only been 2 days!). For starters, I LOVE our apartment. Seriously love it. Coming from several years of tiny, old Manhattan apartments (that were charming, yes, but OLD), this apartment is a nice and welcome change. (And the years before that included: living in the attic of an old house outside of Newark, New Jersey; sharing a crumbling, old house in Ann Arbor, Michigan with four other girls (one shower); and living with multiple roommates in an old, former U.S. Air Force dormitory during my time in Lakeside, Montana. The theme here: OLD). So yeah, this is great :) Not to mention there is more cabinet & closet space than I have ever had in my adult life! Wahoo!

I would like to be able to post city photos each day this week, but not sure that it will happen. So far we haven't gotten out much to explore, just quick errands here & there, and we are trying to get as much done as possible before we leave for vacation next week. But I will try!

So until next time....


axisyg said...

Hi again! Up late and checking out your blog.. I had seen you were moving, but I didn't see why... How did Boston come into the picture? Whenever I go to children's literature conferences, I hear a lot of the artists and writers live their, in Boston... Is it as exciting as NY so far? I had forgotton we had been in art since hs! I put my creative energies into sewing right now.. though I do long to get back to painting someday... Its been awhile and I've got a HUGE canvas waiting for colors! I hope that all settles down and you continue to love your new home. It sounds exciting and your blog continues to be inspirational to me. ~Irene

laurie said...

Glad the move went smoothly for y'all!! :) Cant wait to hear about your Boston adventures and see some pics of your apartment!

Sending lots of love from nyc! :)

That City Girl said...

thanks, irene! we are here b/c my husband was accepted to a grad program at Harvard. it is only a year, so who knows where we will go from here! we are looking at it as a year long adventure :)

laurie, i miss you & nyc!! thanks for the love :) i will post pics as soon as we get things in order!

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