Thursday, July 1, 2010

top six

Harvard Square

top six reasons to love the new apartment (today):
1) proximity to this beautiful place (above)
2) dishwasher
3) spacious open kitchen (hello, counter space!)
4) oven that works*
5) little outdoor porch right off of the kitchen for morning coffee sipping
6) room for a real kitchen table** for proper sit down dinners (like the yummy one my husband made tonight)

(yes, i'm in love with our new kitchen)

*our oven in nyc caught on fire the first time we used it. it therefore had to be monitored closely whenever we ever cooked/baked. it basically burnt things to a crisp unless the door remained propped open at all times.
**no room for a real kitchen table in nyc apartment, only a little fold up guy, which basically became our mail holder.
(despite those two things, i still miss it. our new york apartment. our new york neighborhood. the city, in general. sigh).

1 comment:

laurie said...

sounds oh so delightful katie!! I'm dreaming of such a glorious kitchen now! :)

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