Wednesday, July 28, 2010


a purdy building in Central Square

Yesterday I:
~finally got out & explored a new area, Central Square (in Cambridge, just east of Harvard Sq.) & found a place with yum turkey burgers.
~started working on something new: New York-themed ornaments! more on that later.
~participated in a very strange karaoke contest in the back room of a random chinese restaurant in a random small town south of here. there were dragons on the walls. it was weird. (this was me "trying to put myself out there" and "taking any and all singing/musical opportunities I can get." which is hard. and sometimes depressing. but has to be done (and is exactly what I did when I moved to New York). you live & learn, people).

*sorry I missed my post yesterday. the weird chinese karaoking kept us out late & sapped all of my creative energy.
*notice I haven't yet changed my blogger bio to reflect my new location? I keep meaning to. and then I don't. not ready, I guess. not yet.

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rebecca said...

I didn't want to stop carrying my CA license, or take my CA license plates off of my car because I wasn't ready to be associated with's hard to let go of something that has been a part of you for so long...I don't think you have you change your blogger info EVER! :)

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