Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Skies & House Love.

through the glass ~ Prudential Tower, downtown Boston

The sky was not this blue today (confession: sometimes I stock up on photos. which means I am not always taking a new photo each day. I don't get out much). I did, however, get out today, but it was raining too hard for picture-taking. Anyhoo...

Tonight while watching HGTV in the background as I worked on all my latest projects, they showcased three D.C. homes to see which renovation got more bang for their buck. I fell in love with one of the homes and promptly jumped onto Trulia.com to see how much houses cost in that particular neighborhood (a fun game I play sometimes).

And...I. fell. in. love. With this house. With this YARD!


It's like The Secret Garden!! So full of nooks and magic. Can't you just envision the most perfect evening garden party back there, complete with twinkle lights, champagne and Van Morrison music?

And it's only a mere 3.4 Million. I have such reasonable taste.

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