Monday, September 6, 2010


chicago from above

asleep before wheels leave the runway. groggy and disoriented after a late, late night and an early, early morning. distant voices overhead. plastic window meets forehead, forehead meets plastic window. and then...suddenly...this.
through heavy-lidded, sleep-filled eyes, this beautifully rich, miniature city below, unfolding beneath a clear morning sky. i wipe sleep out of my eyes and reach for the camera, the blogger and magic-moment-capturer in me taking precedence over my fuzzy sleep-deprived brain and clumsy fine motor skills.
snap. magic.
sleep again.

1- in case my fuzzy post isn't coherent enough (i'm still tired), the above photo was taken by me (in my sleepy haze) from the plane this morning.

2- chicago was a blast. i am officially in love with this little man:

my new nephew, luke ~ stealer of hearts

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'd love to go to Chicago. (:

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