Friday, October 1, 2010


new studio space!

Look! Dan put together the extra desk we had in storage and set it up in my "studio." Now I have room to spread out and a place to put works in progress (besides the floor -- my former storage area -- which Dan didn't like so much (thus the motivation to pull this sucker out of storage) :). It's a little large for the space, but I so need an extra work surface, we're willing to live with it for the next 8 months. I spent most of the day arranging and organizing my new space and now am feeling ready and inspired to get to work. (picture of old space here)

We have a dreamy night of NOTHING planned for tonight. Ahh, nothing, how I have missed you. Take-out and a movie are pretty much the only things on the agenda. So looking forward to a down weekend at home; it's been awhile.

Have a good one! :)

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Makavetis said...

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Thank you

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