Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I heart (Christmas in) New York.

christmas trees for sale on broadway (nyc)

Sorry I missed a day/photo on here. Was too busy frolicking around Manhattan and soaking up the Christmas magic. *Oh* how I love New York! My heart expanded and stretched even more so for my city over the last few days (if that's possible). I just can't help it -- there is something about that place. It just makes me feel so happy...so at home and full of hope. Every twinkle light, every star, every giant crystal snowflake fills me with such a sense of life and vibrancy. Man. Having a hard time even finding the words right now!

It was just so lovely to be there. That's all. And my parched Christmas spirit was watered plenty, drenched really, and I now (finally) feel ready to properly engage in this holiday season. 

I took so many photos of the Christmas magic that I think I'll post New York pictures the rest of the week. Everyone okay with that? :) 

1 comment:

Terry's Girl said...

Definatly!! Yes!! yaaaay.

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