Monday, May 16, 2011

Magical nooks (and belly shots).

secret garden

I was walking down the street today towards Harvard Square and there it was. A perfect, magical nook. Like The Secret Garden (one of my favorite books growing up, which is not surprising....I do love nooks). The pathway was covered in pink blossoms, ivy climbed the wall, flowers bloomed. It was a catch your breath moment. Too bad for me I only had my phone to capture the moment, hence the somewhat blurry, un-magical-ness of the photo. But trust me, it was beautiful. 
And in other news...a new bump picture! (I've been bad about taking these). Remember 18 weeks? This was last week at 21 weeks...

...and still growing! Although there are some days, in some outfits, that I mysteriously don't look pregnant at all. It's all about how you dress the bump, I guess :) And the baby is moving and kicking like crazy lately. Yesterday I was able to see the first external movement -- every time the baby popped me one, my skin jumped up a little, like a twitch. So wild! 

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