Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby update.

my growing boy! (36 weeks)

As I mentioned in my last post, it looks like this little guy will be here *very* in (probably) next week (!!) (original due date was September 19th). This is all due to some complications that arose a couple of weeks ago, and so doctors are talking about inducing me at 37 weeks. Eek. 

It's been quite the emotional roller coaster around these parts lately. Besides the fact that this turn of events has been worrisome and scary, we're also still getting settled into our new home and aren't exactly feeling prepared for this life-changing event to happen quite so soon! 

Here's the sort of/semi-short version of the story: only a few days after my first doctor's appointment here, I started developing strange symptoms (incredibly itchy hands and feet) which I then googled, leading me to find out about a condition called cholestasis that typically occurs later in pregnancy -- strange, but seemingly non-alarming symptoms that are actually a sign of something going on in the mother's liver that can be dangerous for the baby. I seriously didn't think I had this, but called my doctor anyway just to be safe. They had me come in for tests and a day later called to say I did in fact have cholestasis, which was pretty shocking to hear. I'm now on medication and getting weekly non-stress tests to make sure the baby is doing alright (he's been doing great!) and the doctors have assured me that everything is under control and will be just fine. The tricky thing about this condition is that things can change very quickly and become more risky towards the end, especially beyond 39 weeks, which is why they typically induce between 37-38 weeks. So as much as I hate the idea of going in before we (me and baby) are ready, it's what needs to happen for his safety and health. 

I'm trying hard not to stress about everything and to really trust God through all of this (some days that's easier to do than others). I am so thankful for my competent and caring doctors and that this was caught early -- and also thankful that, despite this turn of events, baby is doing great and is more active than ever. And one positive to all of this is that we get to meet him SO soon! (okay, so that kind of excites me and terrifies me all at once!)   

I would so appreciate your prayers for his safety and for a smooth and safe delivery. I also wanted to share this story in case there are any other preggers out there who might be feeling itchy (with no rash -- that's the indicator!): call your doctor! Or if anything pops up that seems unusual/questionable...make the call no matter how silly it seems. I really wrestled with calling with such a 'minor' thing, especially since I was new to the practice and didn't want to be seen as their new, high-maintenance patient. But that's what they're there for, so it really is worth it to have peace of mind and a safe/healthy pregnancy and baby.

I'll hopefully know more about everything (induction date, etc.) later this week and will keep you posted. Thanks for listening (reading) :)


KCheb said...

So glad that they caught this - good for you for paying attention to your body - already the sign of a good mom! I got induced too (at 39 weeks... so not much later than you are) and while it wasn't exactly the birth experience I expected, both the baby and I are fine and it's so wonderful to have her here. Take care of yourself and call me if you have questions or anything I can help with. I can't wait to see his pictures - I'm sure you'll do great!

Anna said...

Yay for another preggers pic! You look gorgeous! :)

That City Girl said...

thank you, my friends! :)

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