Tuesday, April 17, 2012

7 months.

Here he is, our little 7-monther (as of April 1st). Lots of changes this month for Miles. The most obvious one here: sitting up on his own now! 
This has been a really fun month so far. We introduced solids, which he's a big fan of, and he is still babbling away -- his latest sound being da-da (much to Dan's delight). He loves to grab anything and everything that crosses his path (some of his favorites: noses, glasses and anything that crinkles) and we now have to always be aware of our surroundings, otherwise an entire table's worth of contents could be on the floor within seconds!
He has also become quite the little acrobat, spending those minutes in his crib before sleepytime perfecting his rolls, squats, half-crawls and downward dogs, and providing endless amounts of entertainment to Dan and I  as we watch the video monitor :) Oh and I am also happy to report that his sleeping has improved (hooray!) and we are now down to just one night feeding, which is a HUGE improvement from several months ago. 
We are just so thankful for continued improvement. So thankful to be this kiddo's parents. And...I mean, just look how cute he is! Geesh.

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