Friday, May 4, 2012

Hudson, New York.

A few instagram photos to share from our little getaway last weekend to Hudson, New York. Such a lovely town right on the river, just 2 hours north of the city. 
Dan's mom was in town for a few days and generously volunteered (as she has in the past) to give us a reprieve by watching the munchkin for a night. Okay! Up to Hudson we went. :)
Even though we spent a lot of the time missing Miles' little face and squeals and smiles (and maybe pulled out our iphones to watch videos and look at photos over dinner) it was so nice to get away and reconnect in a different setting, a setting that's not the busybuzzy city in which we dwell.
Hudson is a quaint and historical town that is known for it's antique shops and art galleries (according to my friend, Wikipedia, that is, which I pulled up on my phone over icy cold beers at a cute bar on Sunday evening). Seemed to be true! Antique shops and galleries galore, making a stroll down the main strip all the more fun and interesting. 
The inn where we stayed was rad, especially the sitting room/self service bar, which looked like something out of a magazine. Exposed beams, exposed brick, eclectic furniture, a ladder, books! I was in heaven. :) 
We had the place to of course we decided to pose and be silly and take a bunch of photos.
Everything about Hudson felt very unique and charming, including the coffee shops. This one (above) felt like someone's home, with cozy furniture and cool artwork on the walls. We bought a couple of cups on our way out Monday morning before hitting the road. 
It was a wonderful day/night away (the car ride to and from was pretty great, too...sometimes it's just nice to hit the open road with good tunes and open windows, ya know?). By the time we got to our building, though, we were practically tripping over one another to get inside the apartment and smother Miles in kisses. That's the funny thing about parenthood. You just want a break sometimes...pleaseohplease I just need a break! But then when you're apart, you just want to be cuddling and kissing your little one. Though hard, I still say: breaks are good/healthy/needed. Makes me appreciate this little face even more! 
{coming soon: Miles' 8 month update. 8 months?! holy cow}

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