Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th.

I am so behind on the blog! Yikes. Life has been unusually busy lately, passing by in a blur of summertime fun. Here are some pics from our steamy 4th of July in the city. 
We headed to the boat basin in the afternoon with friends for cold drinks and some river gazing. Miles *did not* enjoy the heat initially (look at that face!), but once we broke him free from the stroller he was much happier :)
(I love a baby in a bucket hat) 
Dan encouraged me to head out that night with friends to catch the fireworks show while he stayed home with Miles (such a sweet husband)(the fireworks were much too late for Miles' bedtime, unfortunately) and so off I went to the Meatpacking District to join friends for fireworks over the Hudson and a late dinner. Firework pictures never turn out that great, but here was my attempt to capture the magic.
A lovely, albeit HOT, fourth. 
some past fourths:

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