Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sick, sick, sick...

...and that pretty much sums up the state of my existence as of late. Hence my silence on here (what happened to all of those glorious Christmas-in-Santa Fe pics I was supposed to post?! shoot). Instead I have been lying on the couch for days on end trying to recuperate from my various health issues. First it was a cold around Christmas, then a pulled muscle in my back (or something), then it was the stomach bug which swept through our family, quick and ugly, and THEN I joined the rest of the country and contracted the dreaded flu which knocked me off my feet for over a week. Which I couldn't believe because a) how can you get sick when you were JUST sick?! It shouldn't work like that, right? and b) I had my flu shot back in October!! I had to cancel my big MRI appointment, the first 'watch and wait' MRI since surgery and something that I am equal parts excited and terrified about. So discouraging and disappointing.

Not a great start to the New Year, which I had high hopes for. It's definitely been a challenging month and I am ready for the challenges to stop piling so high above my head. 

Two good things: 
My rescheduled MRI is only 5 days away. Just have to stay healthy for 5 more days (which I am trying to achieve by avoiding all public places and most people!) 
And Miles. That kid is so fun and so cute and so generous (seriously, most generous toddler I know, always running over to me to hand me his toys and books and cheerios :). I can't get enough of him and his little voice and his smiles.  

And you know what? I'm going to post some of those now out of date Christmas pictures, anyway :)

This is how Miles spent most of his time in Santa Fe, taking apart my dad's tree :)
A picture of a picture. Miles did *not* enjoy Santa.
Christmas morning.
Christmas day family portrait.
Beautiful downtown Santa Fe.
And this one...Christmas Eve...Dan looks so handsome.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures! :)

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