Thursday, February 21, 2008

still dreamin'

in between stamping checks and typing up contracts, sometimes i read the etsy featured seller interviews, and ... sigh ... the inspiration hits and it hits HARD. all of these lovely artists creating such lovely things -- it is so motivating. unfortunately the motivation only seems to last between the hours of 9:30-5:30, as i sit trapped behind my desk at the Day Job, and there's absolutely nothing i can do about it except make lists for later. woohoo lists. i always think (foolishly) that i can hang on to that inspiration for a few more hours. i practically skip home, brimming over with ideas, believing that TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! tonight i will create! i get into my cozy apartment, change out of the work clothes....and then BAM! i'm suddenly zapped. with tiredness. with laziness. sometimes with busyness, if i have a gig (like last night) or other obligations. and there goes another night. another idea.

there are nights here and there when i am able to find the energy and motivation to get things done, if i'm up against a 'deadline' for example (like this birthday gift for my roommate):

"Beyond Yourself"
(only one of two pieces i've worked on since Christmas)

but i looooong for the day when these ideas will have the ROOM and SPACE to breathe and GROW! when i can create for a living, whether it's words, music, bowls or collages....i want THIS to be my Day Job!! which is why i am so inspired by these artists on etsy. many of them are doing it. living the dream. living off of their art. as discouraged as i get sometimes, i think it's going to happen for me. i really do. whether it is art by day and music by night or vice versa (or all at once!) -- it's gonna happen. the nocturnal, tired katie may not believe it to be true, but the Day Job, inspired katie -- the katie that hangs on to every word of those etsy interviews, believes it with ALL her heart!


Lea said...

Such honorable beliefs :)
Best of luck with it all!

Jenny Jones said...

I totally echo this statement! I was finally able to write something on Monday night after a serious drought...and lots of bouts with laziness!!!! :)

SEE you soon, I think!! :)

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