Tuesday, February 12, 2008

music & stuff

lately i have really been getting into ingrid michaelson's music. her story is such an inspiration to the rest of us independent singer-songwriter, super-star wannabes (well, i don't really want super-stardom. just moderate success....having a song played on grey's anatomy wouldn't be so bad...and getting to sing my heart out on a semi-regular basis would be pretty darn cool, too)...ah well...i guess all you can do is keep pluggin' away b/c you never know what might happen. and in the meantime, i will sing my heart out whenever & wherever i get the chance...like, say...on february 20th at 8pm (see how i slipped that in? sneaky am i.) come out and support The Dream. [details].

and since we're talking about independent artists and such, here is a list of some really super-cool singer-songwriter friends of mine that also happen to be *extremely* talented:

erin k hill
rachel zylstra
jenny jones
jodie manross
matt manzo

in other non-music related news, it is snowing bucketfuls out there and i l-o-v-e it.


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