Monday, April 28, 2008


there's nothing worse than a cold, rainy Monday.

except that there is. getting stuck in the revolving door of your office building because your dripping wet umbrella gets wedged between two different sections, causing a jam that leaves you stuck in one section, your umbrella stuck in the other, and people staring at you, mouths open, from either side, IS -- in fact -- much, much worse. you shake the umbrella furiously and slide it up and down. you push the revolving door back the other way, but it only makes the jam worse. finally, in one last desperate attempt of escape (because claustrophobia and severe embarrassment have now set in) you snap your umbrella like a twig, push your way back into the freedom of the front lobby and breathe a BIG, dramatic sigh of relief. your umbrella is now broken and your ego slightly bruised, but you don't care, because at least you are alive. by golly...YOU. ARE. ALIVE.

and now it is time for a nap.

(ps: this is a true story)

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