Tuesday, May 6, 2008

spring fever

the weather has been SO GLORIOUS here in NYC -- i can't get enough!! it makes me want to throw on my flip-flops and go exploring in the park...or take a walk by the east river...or eat sushi at an outdoor cafe with my roommate. but alas, here i sit, indoors on this beautiful spring evening, with the sound of laughter floating up through my fifth story window. there is too much to do for frolicking and flip-flopping...artist statements/bios to write (for the upcoming show), artwork to package up for shipping, laundry to do, pianos to practice and set lists to work out (for tomorrow's gig)...all good things...BUT -- i just wanna play! hopefully the gorgeous weather will hold out and follow me to D.C. on friday, where there will be family-frolics and time with the beau and freedom from all the to-do's i have looming over my head right now!

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