Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*winter song*

Have you seen this video? *love love love* it. Makes me want to put on my mittens and frolic in the snow with friends. And on a day like today, which is like snow on crack...or a winter wonderland gone terribly wrong (if you're in New York, you know what I mean...snow turned to sleet, turned to rain, then died a horrible, dirty, slushy death on the sidewalks and streets. lovely.) yeah... this song gives me that sparkly winter-magic feeling that feels so far away on days like today and therefore I have had this song on repeat all day long in order to burn out the memories of this morning's commute.

kw (who introduced me to the song - thanks :) pointed out that the two girls look an awful lot like us. I think she's right. Even down to my glasses and her love of pink! eerie.

1 comment:

laurie said...

ha ha! I JUST posted a blog about this day, and the winter wonderland gone bad! :)

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