Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello, 2009

Sorry for the silence, friends. The holidays are always a busy, busy time (I blink and it's over!), but this year was especially intense. Over the last couple of weeks we managed to: have four separate family Christmas celebrations, move Dan out of his house in Virginia, conquer the stomach flu (him), turn 31 (me), buy a wedding dress, pick a wedding date, pick a wedding venue, move Dan into his new New York apartment (YAY!), unpack (sorta), and ring in the New Year together in the new apartment with some wine, a game of scrabble and a view of Central Park's midnight fireworks (maybe my favorite New Years to date :)

so...yeah, W-H-E-W. Not too shabby, eh?

In our "downtime" (ha!) we have done a little exploring in Dan's new hood (and my future new hood, since this will be "our" apartment once we are married...woo!) and man -- it is amaaaaazing! It is such a fabulous location, chock full of any store/restaurant you can imagine...OH, and this:

Again I say -- not too shabby, eh?


terrysgirl said...

Hi, I found your Blog just before christmas in search of a little New York Christmas ( have always wanted to go) from my cold Canada Prairie office..bbrr..I have been addicted ever since. congrats on your engagement! i love your movie & book recomendations.I hope one day i can own one of your bowls! I know how busy you must be but don't leave us hangine out here...
Donna from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

That City Girl said...

aw, thanks! nice to remember there are people out there actually reading! i am working on trying to catch up posts. thanks for the encouragement :)

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