Wednesday, April 15, 2009

where the heck have i been?

a) in over my head with this class
b) in over my head with auditions for this upcoming show
c) attempting to plan a wedding
d) entertaining out of town guests
e) gigging
f) working my butt off at the Day Job, which has been unusually (and annoyingly) busy, leaving very little time for my favorite pastimes: emailing, blogging and catching up on Life
g) dealing with REALLY fun NYC annoyances such as unending rain storms and bed bug infestations at my apartment -- which, FYI, is an absolute nightmare to deal with. yay.
h) all of the above

*if you chose (h), then you chose correctly. with that said, please pray for me. that's all. i just need prayers. and more sleep. and maybe a vacation or two.

ok, goodnight.

1 comment:

simplesecret said...

Bed bugs?! Yikes!! For real?? Doesn't that mean you have to get rid of all your stuff??

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