Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life: post-Bellevue

{Note: I write this post from behind my borin' beige desk at the Day Job in a mildly melancholic post-Bellevue state...sigh.}

So...the last five shows were a big success. I received the official stamp of approval from all of my family members (who traveled up and over from their respective states to come see the show) and from Dan who saw it a total of three (3!) times (quite possibly the world's most supportive fiance). The last few shows were our strongest yet, making it all the more difficult to believe that it was actually over (we were just getting started!!).

So now I am back to reality. Or trying, anyway. I have to admit, it has been a rough adjustment getting back into the swing of things since wrapping up the show. Normal life (especially the aforementioned Day Job) feels a bit blah by comparison, and though it is lovely to have free time again, ironically enough I miss the busyness of that life now. It was a CRAZY and sometimes stressful schedule to keep up with, but living and breathing that show for so many weeks in a row became so familiar, and now the emotional release from it all has been...hard.

And (perhaps as evidenced by the photograph above) we all had the time of our lives doing this show together and genuinely came to care about one another. The people were what really made the whole experience so special -- they are some of the most quality, talented people I have ever met. So, that's hard too. Not getting to see my Bellevue pals day after day anymore.

This experience has also shown me how much I have missed being a part of something. It has reminded me that my heart and soul thrive within community, projects, and w/ PEOPLE. I loved the camaraderie. I loved working together with a group of people to create something new that had never been done before. I loved breathing life into an artistic project. (Oh and the singing/dancing/acting was pretty dang fun too).

So yeah, in addition to being a fun, amazing experience, it was also pretty eye-opening and helpful in revealing a little bit of insight into possible future direction and endeavors.

I recognize that now is not the time for big changes (career-wise). I need to focus on the other VERY big life-changes that are just around the corner first and foremost (hello September wedding!). But my heart has been good and stirred and I think it is important to pay attention to that -- to what my heart is saying. I've been talking about trying to turn my creative passions into a living for a long time, something that is scary to consider in this economy, but maybe it is time for me to start taking that more seriously. After September it will be a whole new chapter of Life...a fresh start. Perhaps in more ways than one?

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