Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the 4th: mini-recap

I had big plans for this post last week. It was the Monday after 4th of July, and I'd just had an amazing and relaxing weekend with Dan and good friends. Pictures were taken and memories were made (ah, memories...) and I fully intended to share all of that on here.

But then Monday turned into Tuesday and then Wednesday and so on...and with our race against the clock to get our wedding invitations out STAT (which we are still working on this week) I wasn't able to do the kind of weekend recapping/blogging that I wanted to do.

Now that holiday weekend feels sooo long ago and I really don't have the same motivation to recap anymore. Plus I seem to only be able to blog in 15 minute increments these days since I feel like there are always pressing wedding matters staring me down from to-do lists on my desk. So I am keeping this short....with the hope that I will have another 15 minute increment to work on a mini weekend recap from this past weekend (which involved sleeping on the streets of NYC...intrigued? :)

But before I go, here is a sweet little pic that gives you an idea of just how dreamy that 4th of July was:

That's us hosting a little dinner party on Dan's rooftop with friends. The weather? Perfect. The setting? Magic. The company? Lovely! And we were even able to see a smidgen of fireworks through that tiny crack between the buildings. Good, good times.

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