Thursday, August 13, 2009

time is a-flyin'...

© Kevin Clark

Remember a few months back when I posted this?

Yeah...umm...somehow FIVE WHOLE MONTHS have managed to fly by since then and now we are here. Down to the wire. ONE MONTH TO GO, PEOPLE!!!!!!

I am having trouble wrapping my head around the HUGE-ness of all of this and mentally preparing for the change that is coming. I mean, how does one mentally prepare for marriage? We've done the pre-marital seminars and counseling sessions, and we've talked at length about our future and expectations and children and lifestyle and where we'd like to live, and etc. etc...And yet I feel like I should be doing MORE! Journaling?? Reading books?? Bombarding my married friends with questions?? Praying more?? (certainly yes)...

I suppose all I can really do (in addition to some of those things, perhaps) is take each day as it comes, do the things I need to do for the wedding, and thank my lucky, lucky stars I have found someone who loves me more than I thought it was possible to be loved, and who I love more than I thought it was possible TO love. And acknowledge the fact that, contrary to what I may have believed back in those dark B.D. (before-Dan) days, God was listening after all :) -- throughout alllll the years, to all of those miiiiiillions of prayers uttered from the various places of my heart (both the dark and light-filled places) -- He heard them all and in the end gave me something better than anything I could have asked for or dreamed up.

This is what I need to focus on. This is what matters. Remembering (with gratitude) this gift I've been given and the path God has carved out for me to get here, trusting that He will continue to lead my steps and carve out new paths -- THAT is how I prepare. OK, well that and perhaps some question-bombardment and preparing-for-marriage-dishing with my girls, which I plan to do this weekend at the beach where we are gathering for a celebratory weekend of fun in the sun!!

YAY for beach vacations, love & marriage, and the ONE-MONTH mark!!! eeek!!

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