Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wedding Thoughts - Part 1 {pre-ceremony}

The day of the wedding I was much calmer than I thought I would be. I got a great night of sleep (surprising since I am not a good sleeper in the midst of excitement & anticipation), and woke up feeling excited, happy and pretty chill. The day started with a relaxing bath, a surprise phone call from a dear friend in South Africa (who couldn't make it to the wedding but wanted to shower me with happy tears and prayers before my big day), and then a quick bite to eat before heading out to get beautified with my girls.

Everything ran smoothly as we jetted to the salon (I could not have been happier with my hair. LOVED it) then back to the house where all of us girls plus my mom managed to get make-up on and ready to go, then out the door and on our way to the site in Middleburg where it was time to get dressed and photographed.

::meanwhile, although the weather looked a bit ominous in the morning, it cleared up and remained steady and cool and Fall-ish throughout the rest of the day. perfect::

The room where we got ready at the site was lovely. So beautiful and cozy. And my girls did such a fabulous job at keeping me laughing and calm and feeling loved. (Oh, so my girls. Let me introduce you :) There were 3 lovely bridesmaids: MOH cousin Lauren, longtime friend Nancy, and sister-in-law Angie; and then my 3 special girls: YWAM friend Melissa (Reader), NYC roomie Cynthia (Reader), and college friend Erin (special music). And of course my mom was there as well, keeping us all laughing and looking more beautiful than I've ever seen her.

We were having so much fun hanging out in the bridal suite and taking pictures outside on the beautiful property that I didn't realize how close we were getting to GO-time! Easy, breezy, and giddy was I in the moments leading up to the ceremony.

It wasn't until I heard the five minute warning that I began to well with nerves and emotion and jitters. There was still too much to DO! I had a laundry list of things I needed to accomplish before walking down the aisle (re-apply deodorant. brush teeth. more perfume. touch-up lipstick. etc. etc.!!), but instead of using the five minutes to do those things, I think I just ran around in confused circles talking a mile minute until I heard those two little words: It's Time.

I am pretty sure my heart just jumped out of my chest right then and there and landed in a little puddle on the floor (not in a bad way, mind you!). Not only had I not completed my list of Things To Do, but I suddenly felt like I hadn't sufficiently processed what was about to happen!! I was about to get m-a-r-r-i-e-d. MARRIED!

::meanwhile, on a different part of the property, the guys were getting ready in their "special room" -- this super cozy, little library...isn't it great?:: be continued...

{photos by Kevin Clark}

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Anonymous said...

Baby -- I was there, but I like the glimpse behind the other curtain!! I love you....!

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