Friday, October 23, 2009

Wedding Thoughts - Part 2 {let the ceremony begin...}

I thought I was going to be a hot mess when I saw my dad waiting for me outside, but surprisingly I managed to hold it together. The details of our exchange are a bit fuzzy now (due to my crazy-nerve haze) but I *do* recall nervously jabbering away like a monkey about everything from his spiffy tux to my red shoes and asking a million questions like: are there really people here? ohmygosh, who's here?? wait, did you see the people?

When we got the signal to start walking (we had quite a hike from the house to the arch way and then down the aisle) my dad whispered calming words to me as the nerves welled by the minute [note: I must mention that these nerves ("wedding nerves") are unlike any kind of nerves I've ever expereinced before, such as "audition nerves" or "gig nerves". Wedding nerves are huge, indescribable swells of emotion mixed with intense butterflies, rapid heart rate and the feeling of standing on the edge of something Very Big and Very Good (with just a hint of extreme anxiety because, seriously -- so. many. eyes. on. me! ACK)].

But once we got to the aisle and I saw those eyes -- Dan's beautiful eyes that were absolutely shining with love for me -- everything else just faded away, nerves included. By the time we reached the front, everything just clicked into place and I felt so alive, so full. I was suddenly acutely aware of all of the love surrounding me, not only from Dan, but from my dad on my right side, my mom on my left, my brother in front of me (he was our officiant and delivered the most beautiful, personable weding charge), all of my girls with tears in their eyes. I felt absolutely cocooned in love. And when the ceremony began at last, Dan's eyes shining with tears, my brother's voice breaking with emotion, I felt like I was going to burst with happy tears/love/emotion. be continued...

{I just can't leave out these pics though -- some of my favorites: Dan's nephews trying to catch a glimpse of the bride, and Dan's reaction to his first glimpse of the bride :)}

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