Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tidbits & Honeymoon Pics...

We've just returned from a long weekend in Winter Park, FL where we spent three lovely days visiting with my Papa. He turns 92 in a two weeks and so Dan and I decided to go down there to have an early birthday celebration with him. Spending time with my Papa always makes me so happy (I talked here about my experience living with him and my Nana at the beach one summer). It's always been that way with my family. There is something so special about being surrounded by the people who really know you -- the people who's blood and history you share.

Most of our evenings were spent quietly at his apartment just relaxing, sharing stories and "visiting" (with the exception of last night when we ended up at CityWalk in Orlando with an old friend of Dan's who we met up with. Have you seen this place? It's insane! Vegas meets Disney meets Times Square. Somehow the night ended with me on stage of the Rising Star Karaoke Club singing "The First Cut is the Deepest" with a full band behind me -- an unexpected adventure thrown into our quiet, little trip :)

Anyhoo, back to our quiet visits with Papa -- one of things we did one night was share wedding and honeymoon pictures. We did a slideshow from Dan's computer, and some of the pictures I hadn't even seen since they were transferred from his camera to the computer. He got some really incredible photos in Hawaii, especially the night shots (he's got a good camera and an even better eye), and I just have to share :)

So as somewhat of a continuation from the last post, here are a few of those pictures (these are all Maui). He really captured the romantic, magical-ness of Hawaiian Nights in these photos. Aren't they dreamy?

Honeymoon (Kauai)
Maui (honeymoon)


And a few from the weekend: a French Bistro in Winter Park...

...Papa's birthday celebration...!

...karaoke time...

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