Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

This man has put a rose at his wife's bedside every day for the last 60 years of their marriage (article here). Every. Day. 60 years!! And I love that he doesn't think of it as such a remarkable thing, stating that he believes if more couples made selfless gestures to their spouse or loved one, there would be fewer broken relationships.

With the wedding just around the corner, I've been contemplating things like this lately. Keeping romance alive. The secret(s) to a long and happy marriage. And my own grandparent's 56 year marriage. I recently recalled a scene that I witnessed between them a few years ago, the last summer of my nana's life (which I was privileged enough to spend with her and my papa at the beach). They were in their room getting ready for bed, each one helping the other with their nightly routines -- putting in eye drops, applying lotion to their hands and feet, reminding each other which medications to take. As they puttered around their bathroom together, which had started to look more like a drugstore than a bathroom, they laughed and talked, one of them saying to the other, "You didn't know what you were signing up for all those years ago when you married me, did you?!" It was such a touching scene. After so many years together, their love, friendship and senses of humor were still firmly intact. If asked, I am sure they would have agreed with this article's secret formula to a happy and successful marriage: plenty of kisses, cuddles and a few romantic nights out. But they probably would have also added that a shared faith, common interests and a deep friendship were extremely important as well (their typical response when asked this question over the years).

As it turns out, the blogger by which I found this article (who just got married herself last weekend -- congrats!!) is having guest bloggers share their secrets to a happy marriage while she is away on her honeymoon -- an idea that was apparently inspired by this couple (who are indeed an inspiration)! So go take a looksie. And if you have any stories or tips of your own to share with me, feel free to put them in the comments section here!

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Betty Boop said...

Loved your blog - brought tears to my eyes. I could really picture Nana & Papa in your story! OK for my advice. First, always be there for the other person. Make that person the priority and always be a team for each other. Second, laugh a lot, talk a lot, go out on dates and have friends to socialize with. As you are married longer it energizes the marriage to have other people in your life. OK that's it for now.

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