Friday, September 4, 2009


So this is my last day of work for the next three (3!) weeks. We head down to Virginia today and will be there for the next week doing wedding prep stuff, errands and what-not before the BIG DAY!!!!!!!

I am so HYPER and EXCITED I literally Can't. Sit. Still.

Can't. Focus. On. ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally have to keep myself from running and/or skipping everywhere (down the hall. to the bathroom. to the copy machine. EVERYWHERE!!) and I am pretty sure I have one of those slightly disturbing, spaced-out perma grins on my face.

Even typing this, I feel like my fingers are going to break the dang keyboard I am so FULL to the brim with energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHH. Okay. So if I can just calm the heck down and get my ADD brain to focus for a few more minutes, then I can perhaps finish all my tasks and get the heck OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

Sayonara, Day Job!!!

{and I apologize for all of the exclamation points. I am out of control today}

1 comment:

Cathleen said...

I LOVED reading this post!!! I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. Can't wait to see you dollface!

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