Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello lovely people!

This is just a quick note to let you know I am back in New York safe & sound with a wedding band on my finger, a handsome husband by my side and a healthy dose of fresh freckles on my face. Life. is. good.

There will (probably) be many posts coming your way in the not too distant future as my scattered, happy brain begins to process both the wedding (best day of my life -- can't stop thinking about it) and honeymoon (best trip of my life -- can't stop thinking about it!!). But right now it is time to settle in, rest up a bit and prepare for my first day of work in three weeks -- eek.

Until then, just to whet your appetite, feel free to peruse our guest flickr page. (and if you were a guest at the wedding w/ photos to share, feel free to upload them :)


1 comment:

laurie said...

welcome back!!!!!! cannot WAIT to hear about your amazing honeymoon!! :)

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