Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

Holiday market in Central Park

It was a happy accident when I stumbled upon this little Christmas Village the other night. I was standing in the middle of Columbus Circle taking pictures of the tangle of twinkle lights and snowflakes galore at the mall, when I turned around towards the park to see the familiar red & white striped tents of New York's Holiday Markets that can be found throughout the city. Of course, I was immediately drawn to it, and had to take a look :) It had all the makings of a good holiday market: twinkle lights strewn about, stands selling steaming cups of apple cider and pastries, and little shops with unique artwork and gifts.

I will miss stumbling upon these little magical villages around the city once the Christmas season is over.

Other holiday markets I've been to (that are definitely worth checking out) are in Grand Central, Bryant Park and Union Square.

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Candice Pair said...

How fun! One of my favorite things to do when I visit NY is to go to the Village on Saturday because they always have a little market set up. Merry Christmas Eve!

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