Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ah, Chrysler...

I feel like we kind of have an "architecture theme" going on here this week (the Cathedral, 30 Rock). So to keep up with that theme I've decided to add in one of my all time New York favorites. The Chrysler Building. Ahh, the Chrysler Building. So pretty. (And this picture doesn't even begin do her justice).

I pass her everyday on my way to and from work, and there are always admiring tourists crouched down on the sidewalks of Lexington trying to get the best angle for their photographs, their loved ones or traveling buddies posing proudly with her. They may clog up the sidewalks with their camera equipment and backpacks and guide books all strewn about, reminding me that they're on vacation and I am not. But I don't blame them. Not really. She's hard to resist.

In fact, I joined them the other evening as I captured this shot. For a moment, I stood with the tourists and I snapped away, pretending for just a moment that I was one of them -- a vacationer, free from the burdens of the Day Job and the daily grind. Free to roam the streets at any pace I wished, without anywhere to be or any appointments to make. I stood with them in the shadow of the Chrylser and felt a swell for this city. My home.

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