Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doing Something(s).

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It was a pretty good day today. I feel like I accomplished a lot within my 2010 motto of Doing Something.

I've had quite a heavy week of soul-searching and trying to figure out which direction, exactly, I am supposed to be going in (career-wise). As I've mentioned on here before, I tend to sometimes get a bit tangled up with all my thoughts and ideas and interests (music, art, etc.), and this week was definitely a struggle in that department. Is it possible to pursue all my passions at once? Practical? If I lock myself into one, will I still be able to do the others? I recognized that I was exhausting myself with my endless questioning (and irrational fears), and making it much harder than it needed to be (as I often do!). I also realized that there is no harm in stepping out in several directions at once, just to see what happens. Again, Do Something!

So today I decided to shun fear and take some baby steps forward. This resulted in me tackling three big things:

1) I signed up for an online course in psychology (I know that sounds random but it is a pre-requisite class I would need if -- IF -- I decide to pursue a Masters in Art Therapy, something I've thought about doing every year or so, for about the last six years. Instead of waving the idea away this time, I decided to ask myself 'why do I keep coming back to this?' Maybe it's time to pay attention. Nothing crazy. No big commitments. Just one online course.

2) I decided that I am going to an open audition next week for a show I've been dyyyying to audition for. It is scary and it is foreign territory (I've never done a New York casting call before) but I am going to do it. I made the arrangements to take off work, I'm picking out my song, I'm doing this!

and 3) I went to a Restore meeting tonight. Restore is an organization that focuses on providing long-term aftercare for victims of sex trafficking, which is an issue that has been weighing heavily on me lately. It's inspiring & moving to hear about what is going on in this city -- the efforts being made to fight for & care for these women who have survived such horrific experiences. I've been trying to figure out how to help, what to do....going to this meeting was another step towards Something. Finding my way in the world & nurturing the very small seedling ideas for change that I carry in my own heart. was day very much about turning to God and asking: where do you want me, Lord? What should I do? I know he will show me. And in the meantime, I will keep walking forward. Keep doing small (& big) something(s).


Anonymous said...

what show is it katie???

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