Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Audition.

Hair open casting call (that line stretched on for many blocks)

What a day, people! What. A. Day. It started for me and my friend at about 3:30am(!) (which was way too early to be waking up after a short & restless night's sleep), and we found our way to the Hair line by 4:30 or so. It's a good thing, too, b/c the line continued to grow to an estimated 950 people over the course of the morning!! We couldn't get over all of the press coverage, too -- loads of camera crews and newspaper reporters were there (to see some of that coverage & get the full inside scoop, click here or here).

Overall it was an incredibly fun time, with a definite sense of camaraderie developing between all of us Broadway hopefuls. The biggest challenge was the weather -- seriously the coldest I've ever been for such a long stretch of time.

The doors finally opened at 9am and we all streamed in to claim our time slot for the day (I wonder now how many people actually made it through). I was scheduled for the 10:50 slot and so spent the rest of my time attempting to calm down and warm up.

The audition itself happened so fast it is difficult to fully grasp the memory of the moment now. I went in, chatted with the casting director for a moment, sang my 16 bars, then left. Just like that, after 7 long hours of waiting, it was over. Overall, I think it went well, and of course I'd be beyond thrilled to get a callback (though I've set my expectations *very* low simply b/c of the massive amount of competition). But most importantly, I did it! I actually went on a Broadway audition! And that in and of itself feels like a big accomplishment :)

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Candice said...

That is a big accomplishment! It's awesome!!!!!!!! Good for you! I hope you get a call back :) Good luck!!

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