Friday, January 22, 2010


First Presbyterian Church on W. 12th ~ taken on my way home from the audition yesterday

it's been a long, tiresome day and i am feeling kinda bummed b/c i didn't get a callback today -- which is not a good sign, folks (and even though i told myself not to get the hopes *too* high & tried really hard to set my expectations nice and low, i still can't help but feel a little bit blue about the whole thing. sigh. ah well)....

thank goodness it's Friday and there is a somewhat open and leisurely weekend laid out before us. on Sunday i am supposedly heading to a studio somewhere in the city to record my vocal tracks for the cast recording of Bellevue Sketches (the details are a little fuzzy -- not totally convinced it's going to happen). other than that, free as a bird.

see you back here Monday, friends.

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