Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend recap.

washington square arch

i am choosing to focus this post on the amazingly lovely and relaxing weekend that i had rather than the horrendously rainy & awful morning that started my week today (monsoon-like conditions here in the big apple this morning that literally snapped my super-duper, turbo "wind-proof" umbrella like a twig. not pretty, people).

so. the weekend. it was GREAT. friday night included an excellent movie and a homemade meal -- just what i needed. saturday was sleeping in and hanging out in pjs until well into the afternoon, when dan and i finally decided to go out "exploring."

this is seriously one of my favorite things to do on a free day -- just walk out the front door with no plan, no agenda, and let the city lead us. on this particular day, the city led us to the village (where the above photo was taken), chelsea & the meatpacking district (a neighborhood i really haven't explored much).

while wandering around chelsea, we stumbled upon highline park, which i've been wanting to check out, and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. an elevated, urban park in the sky. brilliant. (can't wait to go back when the weather gets warmer). and in the meatpacking district we passed so many cool restaurants and cute streets that i had never seen before -- i felt like i was exploring a new city b/c this was unchartered territory for me.

we ended up at an excellent restaurant for dinner -- Barbuto -- which was low-key, charming & hip with amazingly good food. we had a perfect view of the open kitchen from our table, and apparently the chef is somewhat of a "name" in the food biz. even though we'd never heard of him, we snapped this picture of him preparing meals for good measure:

throughout the evening i found myself repeatedly saying to dan: "i feel so happy right now. i am just so happy." it was a good, good new york night.

sunday morning was spent lazing around, gearing up for my time in the studio to record vocals for the cast recording of "Bellevue Sketches" that afternoon. we spent 6+ hours in the studio recording and re-recording our parts & various sound effects. even though it was long and tiring, it was actually a really fun time. i loved seeing everyone again and it was inspiring to be inside such a fancy-pants NYC recording studio.

and there you have it. the weekend in a nutshell. let's hope tomorrow morning starts out better than today did.

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