Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday News.

a view from my office building of the east river

happy tuesday. there was a BIG improvement in the weather today. thank goodness. i couldn't take another rainy day.

(and in other, non-weather related news) this week i received an email from the good people over at CD Baby announcing that between now & February 7th, they will be donating $1 of their cut from every CD sale to the American Red Cross and Mercy Corps for relief efforts in Haiti. so if you'd like to support that cause (and also buy some of my tunes), you can head on over to cdbaby.com and do a search for me -- Katie Arnold -- which will lead you to my album, Five Shades In Motion.

thanks :)


Laura Brown said...

Wow!! That veiw from your office is amazing!!

That City Girl said...

well, the office belongs to my boss, but i get that little sliver of a view from my desk (which is in the hallway) through the doorway to his office! i like to stare out at the boats going by :)

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